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Shark Key lots!
$300,000. – $795,000! - Shark Key

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For Sale Please call for a showing - Waterfront Lots

Shark Key Spectacular, Unspoiled and Private…Open Water Lots AVAILABLE NOW with Gorgeous Views of the Sunrise or Sunset from $300,000. – $795,000. This island community, minutes from Key West, boasts more than two miles of shoreline, lush foliage, sparkling lagoon, and some of the most exquisite waterfront homes in the Florida Keys. Stunning water vistas provide a timeless backdrop for a one-of-a- kind waterfront homes. Shark Key will become a retreat and residence for just forty five to fifty families. All waterfront lots are bay front and range in size from one-quarter acre to over one-half acre.

In developing Shark Key, they have gone further than any other community to provide privacy in an inland setting for the residents. Shark Key is guided by a master plan, which promotes an integrated island atmosphere, promising quality down to the smallest island.

Each spacious home site is on the bay with plenty of space between homes. There are no backyard neighbors in this gated community, guaranteeing the serene lifestyle desired by Shark Key residents.

Enjoy the luxury of Shark Key’s Caribbean Island Ambiance and it’s amenities: Inland Swimming Lagoon & Beach, Two Tennis courts and Club House for your enjoyment.

Please contact Bob Allen 305-923-3198 for additional information.

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